Video interviews, video greetings, tests and cases - all selection tools in 1 platform

How is Talantiz useful?

Reduce the selection process by 70%

It is not necessary to conduct a telephone interview or invite all candidates for a personal interview anymore. Candidates will answer your questions at a time convenient for them, and you will be able to review video interviews, test results or solved cases at a time convenient for you.

All video interviews on TALANTIZ are recorded, the test results and case studies are uploaded automatically online. You will see more candidates, be able to comprehensively evaluate their qualifications and easily compare them.

Choose the best candidates at a time convenient for you!

Increase the quality of personal interviews

5 days - the period of selection of 15-20 candidates on TALANTIZ platform, after which you meet with 2-3 of the best candidates. Save your personal time for the very best. A personal interview is the final selection stage.

Invest your time and effort only for its intended purpose!

Bring interaction with the hiring manager to a new level

The hiring manager has access to each job and together with the recruiter sees the results of tests and cases, evaluates video interviews and gives comments online. The number of hiring managers is unlimited and depends on the needs of the company. The platform itself will calculate the final score and build the overall rating of the candidates

Involve the hiring manager as early as possible so that the selection of candidates is accurate and efficient!


Job seekers found their best job


Employers have found their talents with us

How Talantiz works

Video interview

First contact

  • Questions formulated by the employer
  • The employer sets the response time
  • Applicants do not see questions in advance


  • Competences formulated by the employer
  • Evaluates viewing video interviews
  • Ability to comment on your ratings


  • Selection of tests from the database
  • Tests loading by the employer
  • Ability to assign multiple tests

Employer feedback

  • Recommendations of former Employers
  • Video or text format
  • Multiple recommendations simultaneously

Work process

  • 1 CHECK IN
  • Company Details

    Security data

  • Vacancy description

    Questions selection for video interview

    Test selection

    Case loading

  • Test results and case studies

    Video interview results

    Top 3 applicants for personal interview

Jakupova Dana

General director


«Technology is evolving at unprecedented speed. Big Data in HR is a reality. Marketing in HR is a reality. Talantiz helps to translate staff recruitment into online space and promote the Employer's brand non-stop. This is the future»